Rehabilitation and Fitness Center

Some of the techniques that are being used by our expert doctors and physicians are

Orthotics & Prosthetics


It is a specialty within the medical field concerned with the design, manufacture and application of orthosis. An orthosis (plural: orthosis) is “an externally applied device used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system”. An orthotics is the primary medical clinician responsible for the prescription, manufacture and management of orthosis. An orthosis may be used to:

  • Control, guide, limit and/or immobilize an extremity, joint or body segment for a particular reason
  • To restrict movement in a given direction
  • To assist movement generally
  • To reduce weight bearing forces for a particular purpose
  • To aid rehabilitation from fractures after the removal of a cast
  • To otherwise correct the shape and/or function of the body, to provide easier movement capability or reduce pain


In medicine, a prosthesis (plural: prostheses; from Ancient Greek prosthesis, “addition, application, attachment”) is an artificial device that replaces a missing body part, which may be lost through trauma, disease, or congenital conditions. Prosthetic amputee rehabilitation is primarily coordinated by a prosthetics and an inter-disciplinary team of health care professionals including psychiatrists, surgeons, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.


The central aim of physiotherapy (physical therapy) is to restore proper functioning to the body.

Chambeli Institute is applying the science of Physiotherapy to the patients and having very good results. The brilliant doctors of Chambeli Institute are rendering their efficient services and making the mankind happy and healthy.

We have very good apparatus and machines in the Physiotherapy center with the help of which all the patients are getting healthy and moving to lead a normal life. In the case of permanent disease or injury, the aim is to reduce the impact of the dysfunction. Contrary to popular belief, physiotherapists aren’t limited to the rehabilitation of sports injuries and back pain.

As well as musculoskeletal injuries, physiotherapists can also manage:

  • Neurological conditions, such as stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries
  • Cardiothoracic conditions like emphysema, asthma and chronic bronchitis.
  • Physiotherapists can help a person to recover from surgery. Treatment options include a wide range of manual therapies, exercise programs and electrotherapy techniques, tailored to your specific condition. Your physiotherapist may work alone, or in collaboration with other health care providers, to offer a multifaceted approach to your rehabilitation.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathology is a field of expertise practiced by a clinician known as a Speech-language pathologist (SLP), also called speech and language therapist, or speech therapist, who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders and swallowing disorders. The components of speech production include: phonation, producing sound; resonance; fluency; intonation, variance of pitch; and voice, including aeromechanical components of respiration.

The components of language include: phonology, manipulating sound according to the rules of a language; morphology, understanding and using minimal units of meaning; syntax, constructing sentences by using languages’ grammar rules; semantics, interpreting signs or symbols of communication to construct meaning; and pragmatics, social aspects of communication.

These all practices and all this science is being implemented in Chambeli Institute. With the hard efforts of our doctors and specialists we are getting very good results. It is the result of our hard work that parents appreciate our efforts and make us proud on our services.

Female Gym

General fitness training works towards broad goals of overall health and well-being, rather than narrow goals of sport competition, larger muscles or concerns over appearance. A regular moderate workout regimen and healthy diet can improve general appearance markers of good health such as muscle tone, healthy skin, hair and nails, while preventing age or lifestyle-related reductions in health and the series of heart and organ failures that accompany inactivity and poor diet.

Chambeli Fitness Center has a state of the art gymnasium in it. Our members carry out their healthy exercises under the supervision of our expert trainers. As a result of their exercises and balanced diet as advised by the trainers, our members are getting very good result and having a healthy and fit life.