MVP of the white label payment gateway: nice to have and must have features

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November 8, 2022
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The setup and launch of a separate copy of beGateway white label payment gateway may take from several hours up to one month. It all depends on whether beGateway supports the required payment systems and acquiring banks or whether we will have to add them. white label payment gateway One key feature of Cardstream is that it is acquirer agnostic and can integrate with a wide variety of merchant acquirers and payment processors. This means you can use Cardstream as your online payment gateway and a separate merchant account provider.

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  • Although a payment gateway creation process varies from business to business as per the need of the hour, still the steps remain the same.
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  • Square charges 1.4% + 25p for UK cards in online transactions and 2.5% + 25p for non-UK cards.
  • It also offers zero transaction fees, which will significantly boost SME profits, particularly if you’re selling big-ticket items over £100.

Its mission is to become the global standard for the most complete outsourcing payment platform. Everything the company does is designed to give its Partners the freedom, flexibility and control to deliver the unhindered achievement of their business objectives. Shopify’s card processing fees are competitive with other major payment providers.

Which businesses should use Shopify Payments?

Transaction & Service Fees – Currently, Stripe charges a flat rate of 2.9% + 30p per successful charge, as long as you are trading below $1 million in volume Annually. We’ve explained what a payment gateway is and selected five of the most popular currently being used by event promoters. The market is moving quickly, with astronomical growth post-COVID. This can leave some small businesses in the dark about the features you need – and what to avoid – to sell online in 2023. We’ve created a handy list of what to look out for when it comes to choosing the perfect payment gateway for your startup.

After a feasible design, developers will start playing their roles where they will collect the material design elements from prototypes and use them to code the payment gateway. Developers can also integrate 3rd-party APIs depending on specific business requirements. Although a payment gateway creation process varies from business to business as per the need of the hour, still the steps remain the same. So if you want to develop a payment gateway from scratch, you are in the right place. This guide will help you with all you need to know about payment gateway development.

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Stripe is a competitive provider for lots of elements, including international payments and slick checkout design. Plus, with no monthly fees, it outstrips Opayo and WorldPay in terms of flexibility. Many of your customers are likely to already have a PayPal account, and will instantly recognise this payment option when at the checkout, unlike low-profile options, like Opayo or Cardstream. PayPal’s online payments system is flexible and intuitive enough to work wonders for small businesses and startups, even first-timers.

white label payment gateway software

Simplify processes to cut expenses and improve customer experience. Our contactless open loop payments platform, integrated with ‘Littlepay Ready’ payment readers, payment gateways and acquirers. Founded in 1989 and based in New York, EVO Payments International is among the largest fully integrated merchant acquirer and payment processors in the world.

Ready to take control?

With minimal setup costs, plug-and-play integrations and standard contracts, getting on board with Littlepay is easy. Tokenisation across payment channels allows a ‘single customer view’. Now we wonder why only 3% of global commerce actually happens online presently. For us, shoppers of today do not want regulatory complexity or a byzantine global financial system. It should be possible to start and manage an online business that can be as successful in say Colombia as it would be in the UK.

white label payment gateway software

But no matter how you decide to do it, use our list as a cheatsheet when developing a payment system MVP. Sometimes, businesses need to make a pivot and change their development vector. For example, you were selling DIY sets on the Asian market, but today you decided to shift your focus and start selling pots on the Latin American market.

API for developers

Stripe’s biggest benefit is undoubtedly its global payment features. If you’re shipping products internationally, Stripe is your best option. It also transfers payments into your account instantly, which is a big bonus if you need to deliver a time-sensitive product. PayPal announced its Instant Transfer feature in 2019 as an expansion of the current payout features.

white label payment gateway software

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