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November 30, 2021
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Release the app or increment with a minimum of features and then monitor how hot the demand for extra customization is. To apply Lean software development, you must analyze and optimize processes from various perspectives. Optimizing only some parts of the process and not the whole is not how Lean works. Lean approach requires streamlining the entire workflow to improve overall team performance and achieve the highest efficiency across all technology and business areas. Are you tired of sluggish and inefficient software development processes that leave you frustrated and behind schedule?

  • Today, many software development companies opt for Lean Software Development to manage projects.
  • Releases to production shouldn’t be blocked by a lack of quality assurance engineers, etc.
  • Lean software development is an iterative and customer-centric approach to developing software.
  • This principle focuses on identifying and eliminating all forms of waste in the software development process.
  • Getting rid of waste ensures your company doesn’t unnecessarily spend money on steps and processes that don’t add value.

The measure of the maturity of a trustworthy IT company is the speed of responding to the client’s needs. It is recommended to deliver the product quickly and in small chunks by implementing them in individual iterations. After quick implementation, the customer will immediately know whether the implemented part of the product is what he thought about or whether the customer’s needs were not correctly read. Thanks to this, we will avoid painful changes in customer requirements. Lean helps organizations allocate resources more effectively by focusing on the most valuable features and activities. This prevents overinvestment in low-priority items and ensures that resources are used where they have the most impact.

Lean software development tools and processes

The term was first used in a book by the same name written by Tom And Mary Poppendieck in 2003. It aims at removing everything that is unnecessary, or that does not bring value to the end product. The best way to achieve both aims at once is to run a collaboration session. We recommend using BRIDGeS — a decision-making and ideation framework for multi-context analysis — during these sessions. In addition to empowering your team to devise solutions to complex problems, the framework supports proper screening and selection of the chosen solution. This in-depth approach ensures that you only focus on the most essential features and processes from the beginning.

By fostering a positive and collaborative work environment, teams can improve morale, foster creativity, and boost productivity. The principle of building quality in says that software issues—vkusneishee-lakomstvo-4133 should be solved immediately, not later on. The idea is that a team creates a high-quality product from the get-go without expecting somebody else to correct the errors in the final product.

How to start implementing Lean methodology?

This lean practice considers the entire business process and not just single features. Instead of implementing different characteristics, you should create one feature set addressing multiple cases. You can use this Lean practice to identify the steps necessary to complete the project, the critical paths, where delays tend to happen, and more. This way, you can set goals for improvement in every stage of work. Lean methodology is also lightweight, so any project will get a kick-start with it. That way, it is possible to deliver the minimum viable product (MVP) at an early stage while the need for further development is still being analyzed.

lean development

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