Is RSI Good for Day Trading?

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July 21, 2023
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rsi day trading

Then we’ll look at how you can use this indicator for your own trading. RSI stands for Relative Strength Index and it’s an indicator, a momentum oscillator developed by J. Before concluding this article, I wanted to share few trading and investment resources that I have vetted, with the help of 50+ consistently profitable traders, for you. I am confident that you will greatly benefit in your trading journey by considering one or more of these resources. At this point, you aim to sell the asset, which currently is experiencing inflation in value, to maximize your profits before it undergoes a dip in price. Setting Overbought and Oversold to 20 and 80 can increase the accuracy of RSI.

How do you trade with RSI day trading?

One RSI trading strategy used in trending markets would be to wait for the indicator to signal an overbought condition during an uptrend. The trader then waits for RSI to drop below 50, which signals a long entry. If the trend remains in place price will typically recover off this level and move to new highs.

The market at the first point also had its RSI below 30, but it turned out to be a losing trade where the market rallied a little bit before it reversed lower. Usually, I’ll recommend to let the market show you its hand, to let it rally higher before you enter the trade. And one technique that I can share with you is to use a buy stop order above the previous high to get on board the trade. As I mentioned, whenever the RSI is below 30 it’s a sign to you that the market is a staging steep pullback and the last thing that you want to do is to go short.

Why RSI is Important?

The oscillator in this scenario is a leading indicator for the price. These natural phenomenon like the Fibonacci sequence have a way of working in trading markets. Using a shorter timeframe, for example 5-periods will cause the RSI reach extreme values (above 70 or below 30) more often. By the same token, longer timeframe settings will see the RSI indicator reach above 70 or below 30 less frequently. Traders can then base their buy and sell decisions on whether the short-term trend line rises above or below the medium-term trend line.

Why is RSI 14 days?

What does RSI 14 mean? The default RSI setting for the RSI indicator is 14-periods. That means the indicator is calculated using the last 14 candles or last 14 bars on the price chart. Using a shorter timeframe, for example 5-periods will cause the RSI reach extreme values (above 70 or below 30) more often.

The first approach is usually more appropriate because that is how most traders use the RSI. You should always ensure that you have use additional indicators. This will help you confirm a new trend and avoid a false breakout. Most trading platforms use 14 as the default period, because it works well in most scenarios. However, you can change it depending on your trading strategy.


The RSI indicator is one of the most popular indicators used by traders in any market, such as stocks, foreign exchange (forex), futures, options, and more. It quickly became one of the most popular oscillator indicators for traders in financial markets. Swing traders attempt to capture medium-term changes in the trend over a few days.

  • You can mark up support and resistance zones before the start of a trading session.
  • An RSI divergence occurs when price moves in the opposite direction of the RSI.
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  • This means that the RVI has both positive and negative numbers, with the centreline being 0.
  • Make sure your Auto Scale is off before making changes to the RSI.
  • It’s because economies grow, GDPs increase, and countries do well.

The Relative Strength Index is one of the best technical indicators to complement raw price action signals delivered by candlestick patterns or line chart patterns. Very overbought and very oversold periods are defined at 80 and 20 respectively. The rate of change of price action can indicate if momentum is accelerating or decelerating. This is important as it can help traders determine the current trading environment and define which strategy to adopt. For example, many traders buy on a dip when negative momentum is decelerating and sell on a rally when positive momentum is decelerating. To sum up, the RSI measures the speed of an asset’s price changes and is used in technical analysis as a momentum indicator.

RSI Crypto Trading Strategy: Definitive Guide

Essentially, you allow yourself and your strategy to be wrong now and then. A market is an unpredictable place, so you need to allow yourself the possibility to accept any outcome and still win over the long term. That’s why your Stop Loss should not cost you more than 1% or 2% of your trading portfolio.

The RSI, used in conjunction with other technical indicators, can help traders make better-informed trading decisions. The RSI was developed by J Welles Wilder Jr as a momentum oscillator to measure the rate of change of price movements over a specific period. The default period used to calculate the RSI is 14 days, but weeks, months and intraday data can also be used. Traders interested in day trading and swing trading can consider shorter periods to calculate the RSI.

What is an RSI trading strategy?

Both RSI configurations capture the initial buying opportunity. The (80/20) misses the first weak sell signal within the uptrend then both trigger the next poor sell signal. Then both capture the third sell signal which proceeds a nice downtrend. However the (80/20) misses two more buying opportunities and one good opportunity to go short. Some trend following trading strategies use a high RSI level as a sign to keep buying.

rsi day trading

Conversely, traders can look for short-selling opportunities when 2-period RSI moves above 90. This is a rather aggressive short-term strategy designed rsi day trading to participate in an ongoing trend. Before looking at the details, note that this article is designed to educate chartists on possible strategies.

Interpreting RSI ranges

Therefore, traders are expected to make a short position in the market, keeping other factors in mind. In the chart above, the price kept moving upward, and at the same time, the corresponding RSI value was moving in the opposite direction. In other words, the price kept showing a bullish trend while the RSI showed a bearish trend. Traders usually interpret this signal as a weakening of the ongoing bullish momentum, which can cause a change in trend. The RSI divergence is in two forms, the bearish and the bullish divergence.

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Is RSI good for day trading?

For many traders, using the RSI indicator in a day trading strategy is very beneficial. The default RSI setting of 14 periods is suitable for most traders, especially for swing traders. But some intraday traders use different settings when using the RSI indicator for day trading.

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