Equipment Rental Software for Rental Companies

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July 12, 2023
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July 13, 2023

As our ethos is to deliver a product that helps rental companies, we offer a limited feature free version of our rental business software for small single users. There are no setup or startup fees, no credit card or pre-payment needed, you can start using HireHop today for free. With its unparalleled speed, it not only performs well, but its familiar interface makes it easy and intuitive to use. We built HireHop to give the rental industry an affordable, modern and powerful equipment rental software solution. Before we were enjoying the benefits of cloud technology, rental companies had to rely on bespoke, specialized systems or custom software which required an upgrade every few years. Separate software systems were purchased from multiple providers to support different functions in your business, increasing internal expenses around maintenance.

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Flex reveals operational efficiencies our customers didn’t even know they needed. If I ever have any problems I just call customer support and the will get it handled before I’m off the phone with them. We can now ring customers up in just a few clicks of a mouse, where before we would spend minutes ringing them up.

quick benefits cloud ERP software offers rental companies

This staff is not only fast and accurate, but also has a good understanding of multiple industries. Cloud Hire has a certified team of data entry professionals providing unique data entry service to support varied industries with varied complexities. With experience developing complete end-to-end software solutions, we have the perfect blend of aesthetic and technical skills to deliver sophisticated and polished software projects, including apps. With a detailed understanding of front-end and back-end development for the major mobile app platforms, we’re best placed to advise and deliver on your new app or business idea. Discover this complete solution to make your equipment rental business modern. Cloud ERP offers exciting analytics and reporting to measure asset performance, utilization rates, and booking trends, among other critical metrics.

  • It’s the era of digital transformation, and there are no two ways about it.
  • With experience developing complete end-to-end software solutions, we have the perfect blend of aesthetic and technical skills to deliver sophisticated and polished software projects, including apps.
  • You can check the status of your application at any time by visiting the Candidate Portal.
  • When selected to move forward, a member of the team will schedule your initial phone screen.
  • We are the first cloud-based rental software created from the ground up for the event industry.

Any new releases of cloud-based ERP software are often delivered automatically, without downtime. Rental businesses can have a future-proof solution running on the most up-to-date system possible and benefit from the new features at no additional cost. All users have instant access to updated data and applications as the cloud ERP software is hosted centrally. Information can be accessed from any location at any time, as cloud ERP is built for mobility and connects all your data in one platform. Now we offer you our expertise so you can efficiently administer your enterprise assets. The data entry professionals at Cloud Hire is your staff, hired especially for you with qualification and experience you desire.

Data Security and Protection

With the ability to access, analyze, and visualize data in the cloud, you can better optimize your rental operations and boost profitability. Users with an internet connection can access the services or software programs at any given time and location, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability. Rather than storing data in a single physical location such as a hard drive or local storage device, cloud ERP software can store and maintain data in a remote database in an offsite and secure location. For instance, Microsoft offers ERP solutions on Azure with the highest security levels.

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To this date, many equipment rental businesses still run multiple siloed software and use manual spreadsheets for record-keeping and equipment tracking. The problem with this approach is that operations run reactively based on historical data instead of real-time feedback. Our cloud-based inventory management and rental software solution is built upon our decades of experiences in the live event industry.

Why use Flex’s Cloud Based Inventory Management?

End of the month billing is stressful, but with a few clicks, invoices can be easily sent to your client’s inboxes. No matter if you are a small or large company, HireHop can work for you. It possesses a plethora of functionality that will satisfy any large company, and for the small to micro companies, a solution that they can grow into and can help them grow. Rest assured that your global team is in good hands with CloudHire. Our commitment to top-notch service and extensive global reach ensure that you receive the best possible care. Plus, our advanced automation and top-notch infrastructure mean that quality is always at the forefront for our valued customers.

cloud hire software

Moving to the cloud can be intimidating, but it can become a smooth journey with the right solution and ISV by your side. Not all providers offer the same level of expertise, so it is essential to do extensive research and compare the list of requirements with a checklist. With cloud ERP, you are guaranteed data security as your data is secured across multiple servers.

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