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April 14, 2022
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Check out our other articles on the basics of business development to learn more about how you can obtain a BD role and succeed in this growing field. If you have something to add to this list, we’d love to hear from you. Fundamental economic drivers that collectively propel the business forward towards more revenue and customers.

development glossary

Investment Review Committee
Ad hoc panels periodically convened by EDA to evaluate grant applications. Most IRCs are composed of at least three EDA civil servants who evaluate the merits of each application and determine how closely an application aligns with statutory program requirements. Indigenous Communities
Ethnic groups descended from the first known inhabitants of a geographic area. For purposes of grants administration, the Economic Development Administration defines indigenous communities to include federally recognized American Indian or Alaskan Native tribal entities (including American Indian tribes and Alaskan Native villages). If you have suggestions for revisions to existing terms or ideas for new terms, please let us know.

Community Events

Environmentally-sustainable development is one of EDA’s seven investment priorities. Sectoral Partnership
A partnership of employer(s) within one industry that brings government, education, training, economic development, labor, and/or community organizations together to focus on the workforce needs of an industry within a regional labor market. Sectoral partnerships prepare workers for jobs that employers need filled.

  • A subset of units (for example, individuals or households) drawn from a larger population of interest.
  • It was established in 1965 and is led by the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development.
  • Industrial Design — Industrial Design is a discipline focusing on product aesthetics, ergonomics, and user experience.
  • Business Development and Sales are not the same things, but they do have some terms that overlap or that you’ll need to understand as you interact with your internal sales team.
  • Being an important strategic location in the so called Fulda Gap, the military community had a population of 45,000 military members, U.S. civilians and family members at its peak during the Cold War.
  • A software or tool that helps businesses track and manage its sales pipeline, each individual prospect, and other activities throughout the sales cycle.

All federally designated zones are areas of pervasive poverty, unemployment, and general distress. Each designated city receives a mix of grants and tax-exempt bonding, while employers in the EZ/EC receive tax credits for new hires and accelerated depreciation credits. Sustainable Development
An approach in economic development which posits that economic vitality, environmental and climate resilience, and quality of life are closely linked through the global ecosystem.

SoSA 2023: The State of Sustainability in Agile

A visual representation of the stages a prospect goes through, and where each is currently at, during the sales cycle. A role that is in charge of closing deals or turning qualified leads into paying customers. Refers to software, templates, scripts, or other forms of technology that enables a BD professional to work more effectively or efficiently. Connections based on trust or respect that can be built, managed, and leveraged to create a mutual value. Specific key performance indicators that measure the success of your partnership.

development glossary

Also typically has a specific responsibility for growing partnerships or BD-specific relationships for some of the firm’s most lucrative or important opportunities. Swift is a programing language used for native iOS app development. It is modern, fast, and type-safe, at the same time it’s still evolving and there are some new features that are under development. A non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, is a legal contract that protects intellectual property. The main purpose of NDA is to secure confidential information, trade secrets, and ideas that can possibly lead to business losses if revealed to competitors in the industry. This agreement ensures that the parties involved will not disclose confidential data to anyone during the term of the agreement.

This works for every type of company and teams

This Development glossary contains some of the most common terms you are likely to need to know when developing your website, either with a developer or yourself. Developers, like any specialized industry, has its own unique set of terminology, definitions, and abbreviations. OECD iLibrary

is the online library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) featuring its books, papers, podcasts and statistics and is the knowledge base of OECD’s analysis and data.

development glossary

Regional Economy
A regional economy is a subnational economy defined by its spatial characteristics, or the geographic proximity of its components to each other. By contrast, a sectoral economy is defined by shared business activities. Indian Country
The term is defined in 18 USC § 1151 and 40 CFR § 171.3 to include the reservations of federally recognized Tribes, dependent Indian communities, and certain other areas. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a category of transnational investment in which an investor from one country establishes a controlling commitment in a business or enterprise located in a second country.

BYOC Lean Coffee

In short, mockups are the best way to explore a brand’s visual identity before design decisions become solidified with the code. Waterfall development refers to the methodology of delivering large-scale improvements after more extended development periods. The process of breaking down a program into pieces, and subjecting each piece to a series of tests. Test coverage is a measure of the degree to which the test suite executes the source code of a program.

A model permits testing the effects of an anticipated or hypothetical change. Eco-Industrial Park…industrial park designed to encourage business interaction in ways that foster the reuse of waste streams, the recycling of inputs, and other mechanisms. Customized Training…learning designed to meet the needs of a given employer; used by local gov-ernments to attract or retain major employers. Cost-Benefit Analysis…a method for evaluating the profitability of alternative uses of resources.

Lead Time

Product Platform — A set of common elements (usually technologies or components) which are shared across a family of products. Prototype — — An incomplete or unrefined preliminary version of the final product, typically created in order to test a theory. Value-Added…Revenue created by the processing of resources; the amount of revenue is greater be-cause those resources have been processed.

See The Lean Startup and The Lean Product Playbook for all things MVP. Product Innovation Charter — A document that captures the “who what why when and how” of the product; clarifies the goals, objectives, guidelines, assumptions and scope of the project or product; can be a “living” document, and may or may not be the same document as the product spec. Product Platform Planning — Planning a series of products based on the same platform; a platform in this case could be shared technology or production methods, which allows individual products based on that platform to be developed more easily because they leverage existing capabilities. Core Competency — A specific ability, strength, or strategic advantage of a company; discussed in reference to strategy when considering if building certain products aligns with the company’s core competency. Strategy versus Effectiveness — Effectiveness is compared to Strategy in Michael Porter’s article “What is Strategy?

Product Development Overview

Business Development and Sales are not the same things, but they do have some terms that overlap or that you’ll need to understand as you interact with your internal sales team. Specific strategies or actions a BD professional takes to improve traction with building a partnership or growth program internally. A relationship between two businesses or organizations to work together in order to benefit both parties. An executed plan with an outside partner that can be done over and over again because the return on investment increases each time it is completed. Typically, the ROI is either the compounded from the same result each time it is completed or the ROI per completion increases each time.

Accelerator / Business Accelerator
A program, often sponsored by a university or nonprofit organization, that works with entrepreneurs and start-up companies for a short and defined timeframe to help them reach the next phase in their growth. Being an important strategic location in the so called Fulda Gap, the military configuration control boards community had a population of 45,000 military members, U.S. civilians and family members at its peak during the Cold War. The extensive U.S. facilities included Hanau Army Airfield, also known as Fliegerhorst Langendiebach. Most of the former military areas have been converted to civil use in the meantime.

It was established in 1965 and is led by the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. Cost Allocation Plan (CAP)
A document that explains an organization’s methodology in identifying, accumulating, and allocating general or centralized costs to its constituent departments and agencies. Your membership enables Agile Alliance to offer a wealth of first-rate resources, present renowned international events, support global community groups, and more — all geared toward helping Agile practitioners reach their full potential and deliver innovative, Agile solutions.

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